The Toy Box
And no I don't have everything. For those of you who have that Magnificent World of Chun Li book and that Street Fighter The Movie Perfect Album. You will notice that it ranges from statues to lunch boxes. And what I have is base on the stuff that local toys, comics, collectibles stores bring in.
Do your own hunts. Make repeat visits to the same shop and you might find something you never notice before or scope out new shops. 
And if you're in Singapore you might even run into me at one of the shops doing my hunts. 
.Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online
The horde grows
Action Figures 1
Action Figures 2
A mixed bag of those Japanese, US and Hong Kong toys
Key Chains
Keychains and mobile phone accessory thingies
Collectibles 1
Collectibles 2
Collectibles 3
Collectibles 4
A whole mixed bag of figurines, busts and the occasional statue. And some which I had no idea where I got them
A mixed bag of stuff some from badges to things that came with my comics. Makes me wonder why I didn't get more stuff then. 
Team of Dolls 
A bunch of merchendised and customised dolls that I got involved with. Ended up making them do cosplay of various media that interest me
Flickr side
Blog side

Note - Do not email me to ask me to sell you things. You'll stand a better chance at other folks' auctions at Ebay since I'm not selling anything online. 
And Please do not use the pictures of my toy collection to sell your things online 
And yes pics of my then collection made it into Issue 7 of Udon's SF comics (go buy the book), making it a good proof that its not possible for me to be able to collect every single thing
* How to find Street Fighter collectibles 
- Go to your regular comic shop and ask if they import it. 
- Go to the comic shop in your Chinatown or Little Tokyo and ask if they import it 
- Go to Toys' R Us or some big name Toys or department store and ask. 
- Check out flea markets 
- Go ebay and search 
- Go  Yahoo! Japan then see if Celga Rinkya, Crescent shop, etc can bid them for you . 
- Use search engines and hope that some online stores sells the stuff you seek 
- Visit Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or some Asian countries