A fork in the road
A path of light
A path of darkness
A choice of life
A choice of death
The choice is mine alone to make
My true love awaits on one path
A demon awaits on the other
Why do I fight
Why do I train
What is my drive
A path of peace
A path of chaos
Peace is my heart and my hope
Chaos is the stray path that destroy all hope
One path offers hope
The other path offers despair
One path leads to joy
One path leads to misery
My choice is made with you by my side
I will never let your hopes down
I fight to be with you
I train hard to defend you
You are my inspiration that wills me to fight on
For you I will do anything
I know not if I was right or wrong
To induct you to the path of darkness
But I know I cannot lose you, selfishness prehaps (laughs)
All I had wish for was for you to walk the path with me
The pain I felt when the demon struck your heart
Sweet life seeping away
As crimson flowers bloom on snow white gi