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Fan Fic links
Friends of Iwa, Frequent hangouts and Grateful inspired Iwa's links
Street Fighter Fanfics Board
The board where the Add-it-yourself fanfic writers have moved to.  where I would usually post my newer fics. You could say that the greatest writers I knew of grew up here. Hack even I grew up in the little neighbourhood. this is the Street Fighter forum that I hang out at officially
The Street Fighter Fan Fic Archives
Where current fics from the Fan Fic board are archived. Widest variety of Street Fighter related fics ever. Also Home of Board Fighters
Seto Kaiba Street fighter
An incredible site with plenty of SF pics, including rare (by my standards) pics as well. And thankyouthankyouthankyou for having that ad pic there. You made my day.
Fics of games, tv shows, Amines, cartoons and stuff all in site. Currently posting a slightly edited edition of Zero up here.
Ecto Zone
A site of Street Fighter, Some Animes, cartoons of the 80s and most of all Bionic six stuff as well as links to related pages!!! Thank you sister!
Inactive by now
Matt's Fanfiction Web Page
Fiction in regards to Street Fighters as well as other stories from mangas and amine
The Domain of Wandering Warrior
Fiction that centers on the journeys that Ryu must go through, be it his inner demons or his feelings for Chun Li
saiyuki sf
A Street Fighter and Anime mixture site. A rather fun site that got me hook on taking quizzes that distracted me from getting things done
 D's writing corner
A wide variety of fantasy based fics by DucThe. SF wise there's still a One shot fic


 Street Fighter Collectors
Toranosu's site
Tora chan's site has beautiful artworks of Ryu and ChunLi in the gallery and Japanese fanfics about ChunLi and Ryu. As well as some other Street Fighter and Morrigan and Demitri fanfics. She's also a huge SF collectibles collector (Recommanded for fans of Ryu and ChunLi)  
Note- Site contains some mature material
Atelier R
A Japanese site of Street Fighter collectibles.  ^_^'
A Japanese collector's website. With a wide range of Chun Li collectibles
Street Figher Devotion
The website of a fan whose's collection was featured in Issue 5 of Udon's Street Fighter comics. Mostly games based and collectibles that made it to the US side of the market
Special Mentions
 Akiman's website 
The website of Akira Yasuda, the guy who created Chun Li. Wait? Does that mean he's the guy who use his wife as a model for CL?? The bit I mention in CLRMS1
Bison for President - A Shadooloo Cosplay Group
Owing to my recent thing with Obitsu Dolls pretending to be Shadowloo Dolls. The cosplay group made my inner geek's day. the Master would be pleased
Link exchange
Dan's Super Dojo
A really fun site to visit whether or not you're a fan of the man Dan...SAIKYOOO!!!!
Sakura Forever
A Sakura Fansite of all things Sakura
Street Fighter.FR
A French Street Fighter site. Unfortunately I can't read the language
fighting street
A site about Street Fighter stuff related to the game and a potpourri of information all about Street Fighter

Comics and Magazine
Dash Taisen
Guide to mangas that are available, (Found enough information here to order a couple of SF and KOF mangas). Not sure when its coming back
Udon's Street Fighter 
comic website
The website of Udon's Street Fighter comic.
Kinokuniya Book Store
Widest range of books and Japanese Mangas (I order my mangas here, I didn't order online though). Check its website to see if there's a store near you
An auction site with plenty on auction - mangas, HK comics, action figures and other stuff
  Yahoo! Japan Auction 
Search there maybe you can the Street Fighter comics and mangas and stuff you seek in there. Its in Japanese so you might wannna seek help from Celga or Rinkya or Cresent Shop
Diamond Comics
An online catalouge for you to order comics and stuff from the US side. Hey who knows, maybe that Street Fighter thing you seek could be found there

On Video Games
Capcom Homepage
The Official Capcom site. If you search this site carefully you'll bound to find some cool pics and fan-arts. Also contains some listings where products are concern
Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Official site
The site that keep track of all Japanese side Street Fighter products 
The Street Fighter Organization
A huge resource aite of Street Fighter related stuff. Where some of my pics were officially donated
Another information site for me. The Udon comics folks hang out here it seems
Tiamat's  Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide 
The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide of all Street Fighter timeline and stuff. Possibly the closest anyone could get to an official storyline. Short of asking Capcom of Japan about it. 
I may have chosen a bubble SF universe years ago but I still need to refer to some manner of guide at times. And I thought the HK comics were confusing. Kudos to these guys for taking it on. Explanations and theories and all that timeline.
A site where where questions to games are answered. Walkthroughs, Move lists for a wide variety of games 
The SIMs
The most incredibly horribly addictive game I ever played(due to the need to control things from skins to layouts of houses). All I have is the starter set The SIMS and the skin editor. Although watching SIMs with skins of various SFers (RCL) and KOFers (Orochi gals and Mai) running around was kinda fun. 
Its a great game but play it at your own risk. And The SIMs 2 is out now.
I stopped playing because I realise I was better off feeding a real cat, reading a real book, not missing breakfast, getting real sleep, watering real plants and making costumes for my CL doll.

Dolls and Action Figures
Dolls -N- Daggers
Customed made dolls. Check it out. I'm just very impressed where chain mail is concern. European myths featured strongly here
Action is where I get the latest news of all Street fighter Figures coming out of the West
The comapany that made Obi-Chun. Deals with 23/27/60 cm dolls. Has an English site
The company deals with a a whole of doll sizes and sell clothes, hair material and other stuff. Has an US site

Online / Click & Motar stores
comics website of Lone Star Comics
Breaking my aversion to online shopping I tried out this store for High Dream's 12" Ryu   that I couldn't get locally. It also carries comics and stuff. And for folks who live near the area head down to their stores. I like the fact that I can pay via money order and that they ship direct
The Junky Spot
Where I ordered parts for Obi-Chun and crew. Faster than my local store. Great service from the owner. There's a forum there where you can get help on your dolls or just post up a pic of your very own Obitsu
Deals mainly with doll hair - Nylon (Resident Redhead and Pink hair doll), Saran(brown hair wig for one male) , regular doll hair and Mohair (even has some for rooting My little ponies. Service is great, love the color chart showing all shades in one page.
I like the way she explains hair size by using a Barbie and Gene doll since that allows me to visualise the actual length.

Around Singapore
A local forum that I hang out at to keep an eye on incoming SF and my other hobbies' stuff.
Comics Connection
A comic shop that sells mainly translated mangas from Japan and comics from Hong Kong. There are also some SF and other collectibles here. It has the most branches and I hang out at one particular branch weekly. I owe most of my SF comics to this place. I don't know if they ship overseas

Useful sites
Cool Archive
A place where you can create buttons, download fonts and icons and stuff for you to web pages.
Babel Fish translation service
Rather useful for translating information. Can't translate fanfics because of the way language works
Chinese characters and cultture
A Chinese - English dictionary

Toy Box