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Translated Manga
Iwa says - This one is more of a special section since Udon is actively translating some of the Japanese mangas. Links would be provided back to the manga section. Looking forward to more such mangas since I have limited understanding of Japanese
Iwa says - It links to Amazon. The Street Fighter Tribute, it a a whole lot of pics garnered from soucres like professional artists amd fans alike. I would also recommend going down to Deviant Art and do a search for Street fighter Tribute as there are some very awesome pieces (to me) that for one reason or another didn't make the final cut into the book
Stuff I don't have
Iwa says - It links to Amazon. And for reasons of not getting duplicate copies or that the exchange rate killed me or not being fan enough (ie Sakura series) I didn't get them. Therefore I'm not entirely sure about the contents
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