Title: Street Fighter Anthology Comic   
ISBN #: 4-89601-345-X   
Author: (Anthology)   
Publisher: Movic   
Label: Garland Comic   
Release Date: 1 April 1998   
Price: 880 yen 
Dash Taisen - This Street Fighter anthology manga features 14 short-story manga, and a full-color section of 3 full-page illustrations.
Iwa says - The stories ranges from the Zero (alpha) series all the way to SF 3. Some stories.... uh...  
- Sakura's late for school and her mother assigned various fighters to intercept her. And it was only during recess time that Sakura realised why they were sent to intercept her.
- Dan's misadvantage in an elevator
- A Sakura and Guy story, in which Guy was trying to get his clothes back.
- There a couple of Sakura seeking Ryu stories
- An Alex and Ryu story that involves a young waitress of a Chinese restaurant, some trouble makers had shown up to extort her and these two guys helped her out.
- And one Necro story with Effe
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