Ching Win Publishing
Title:   Book 1 
Xuan Feng Ying Xiong Bang (literally Tornado Hero list a.k.a Street Fighter 3)  
ISBN #: 957539962-5 
Author: Tang Xiang Lin 
Publisher: Ching Win 
Release Date: 5-5-1998 
Price: NT 75
Iwa Says - Yes its the Yung and Yang based stories. (Chun Li makes no cameos) The female lead would be Elena. This starter piece introduces Elena and her catching a slimpse of Ryu and running into Adon. And then the book intros Yun and Yang and them getting into trouble with the HK triad. And Gen the assasin getting hired to kill them. 

Still can't explain why I bought the books, sold them off and bought it again (were they the same books I bought from Kinokuniya? I have no idea

Title:    Book 2  (Street Fighter 3) 
ISBN #: 957-595-028-3 
Author: Tang Xiang Lin 
Publisher: Ching Win 
Release Date: 1998-8-25 
Price: NT 75
Iwa says - Elena reaches Hong Kong and meets Fei Long.  
Allen Snider fights Ken while Sean learns a thing or two.and Ryu shows up to watch the fight. 
Large part of story had Yun and Yang fighting Gen. 
A bit of Alex flashback
Title:   Book 3  (Street Fighter 3) 
ISBN #: 957-595-128-X 
Author:  Tang Xiang Lin 
Publisher:  Ching Win 
Release Date: 1999-1-5 
Price: NT 75
Iwa says -  Continue with Yun and Yang dealing with the triad. alex and Dudley fights. Ibuki eventually shows. A couple of Capcom folks cameos (Guy, Strider, Jin, Sho 
Story feels a little rushed when the entire crew meets up and fights Gill
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